Anger and anxiety

Surely many people around you tell you to relax, that pissing off is not going to help you. Well, they have part of reason, because the only thing you're going to achieve is to cause discomfort in your body, also physically.

Anger and Anxiety

Anger and anxiety are two sensations that always go together, although in many cases we are not able to see them.

What is anger?

Anger, also called anger or fury, is a feeling that produces irritability and among the physical changes, there is an increase in heart rate and the blood pressure. Our responds with anger when you feel attacked or upset, may have consequences both mentally and in our physical.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a warning system of our body to deal with situations of danger or threat in a more effective and safe way.

Tips to control Anger

Although many times we are not aware of our anger, but in addition to learning to see them coming, we have to know how to control them.

Date time

When you get angry, count. It may seem silly, but start counting, minimum up to 10, will make you start to calm down and realize that anger will not lead you to anything good.

Say what you think

If you are calm and calm, calmly express what you feel, your thoughts. Do not keep it, because at some point it can burst and make you angry again.

Physical Exercise

Playing sports, whatever the activity, is something that can sit very well. In the moments of anger is where you can best come, this is because endorphins, hormones that gives off our brains when playing sports will make us feel calmer and, therefore, happy.


Instead of getting angry and looking for ways to increase that anger, change the perspective and look for solutions to solve the problem or conflict that has made you angry, because to remain angry will only increase your inability to deal with the problem.


It is possible that within your anger, you have some reason, but neither will you solve anything to blame that anger on others. Look what you have done wrong and afrontalo, nothing happens to be wrong, but if not assume or face your mistakes.


Take things with a sense of humor and relax. Think that that is not so important and laugh, even of yourself, it will make you happier and you will be able to understand everything that happens to you much better.

Skills of relaxation

If you have a hard time controlling your anger, your anger or bad temper, maybe you should practice some relaxation technique. You do not have to go to yoga, listen to certain music or write what you feel and think, it can be very valid techniques to relax.