Broken heart syndrome: symptoms, causes and treatment

The so-called broken heart syndrome has nothing to do with literature or romantic poetry. It exists as a disease that can seriously affect our health and that occurs after a strong emotional pain or discomfort. Let's see all about the Broken Heart Syndrome: symptoms, causes and treatment.

What is broken heart syndrome

As I mentioned at the beginning, far from being a poetic term. E The broken heart syndrome is a type of cardiomyopathy, known as Takotsubo cardiomyopathy which was first discussed in Japan in the 1990s.

That name receives it because, as a result of it , the heart deforms, assuming an aspect reminiscent of the amphoras used by Japanese fishermen to capture polyps.

Broken heart syndrome is usually caused due to negative emotions (for example, sadness), sad events (a duel, a very strong and sudden pain), couple problems, but mainly chronic stress, repeated for months or years. In a small percentage of cases, the syndrome occurs, however after a happy situation such as the birth of a child or, for example, a marriage

What are the symptoms of the broken heart?

The symptoms of a broken heart have nothing to do with the sadness that causes it, but others would be the symptoms that doctors identify.

Severe pain in the chest

People who suffer from broken heart syndrome, say they feel that their chest hurts but in a special way. It is not an excruciating pain, but it is constant and never disappears, similar to an oppression.

Difficulty breathing

On the other hand, patients with broken heart syndrome can not breathe. Or indeed, it is very difficult for them to breathe and expel the air, since they feel a burning even in the throat. They also have the constant feeling that they are short of breath.

Pain in the left arm

The broken heart syndrome can also have as a symptom the pain in the left arm or how it has fallen asleep. A symptom that is also repeated when we have a heart attack, hence many people who have Takotsubo syndrome think they are having a heart attack.

Another of the symptoms of the syndrome broken heart is suffering from cold sweats and also, it is said that women, who are already with the menopause , may have an increased risk of suffering from this syndrome. p>

How does the heart break?

As in all cardiomyopathies, also Takotsubo cardiomyopathy is characterized by anatomical modification of the myocardium that has a negative impact on a functional level, the reduction of the contractile capacity of the heart.

But, what exactly induces all this or how it ro mpe the heart ?Many people who suffer a loss in their lives , such as the death of a partner or a child, develop the Takotsubo syndrome in a short time so that they require therapy constant that allows them to alleviate the emotional pain and at the same time alleviate the symptoms of the syndrome itself.

Doing some meditation every day and some yoga can be a good solution, In addition, those people who have heart syndrome can also be broken due to stress. In this way, we can learn to relax and, above all, alleviate some of the emotional burden that accompanies us every day.

Physical exercise

To be able to cure the broken heart syndrome, we can also advise some physical exercise that will be good especially for those people who suffer from chronic stress and have the first symptoms of Tako-R I go up

It's especially good to go for a run or ride a bike and swim, but if you do not feel like it (for going through depressive states), just go to walk half an hour every day.

Respiratory exercise

On the other hand, those who suffer the symptom of broken heart syndrome in which they notice that they lack breath, what they should do are exercises of breathing daily. Every day, you should spend a few days being calm and slowly taking the air, then expelling it.

If you perform breathing exercises on a daily basis, you will be able to control it better when you suffer from it. shortness of breath or you can not breathe properly.


Finally it should be added that to cure or treat broken heart syndrome Many patients require some psychological therapy, especially those who do not see a solution to their situation of sadness or constant emotional pain. Most people who have suffered a trauma or very painful losses improve over time and with a lot of therapy.


On the other hand, it will also be good for us to control nutrition and what we eat, preferring fresh fruits, vegetables and foods with red, purple and orange tones, rich in antioxidants that are beneficial for the heart.


In addition, it will be good to do regular checks, monitor blood pressure, and you

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