Health game to learn healthy habits for winter

How much do you know about the flu, sore throat, cough, aphonia ...? We share information about a fun game for the whole family with which you will learn a lot about healthy habits for be as healthy as possible in these months of low temperatures.

The best way to be healthy, both to prevent flu symptoms and to take the necessary solutions to alleviate it, is the knowledge of healthy habits that are effective. Therefore, we have found the Health Game of Boiron very interesting, "Close the door to the flu" through which we can learn to close the door to flu-like symptoms.

Without any doubt, we can say that in our environment whenever the winter arrives we find ourselves with the same questions and doubts to face a cold (among other throat affections), or what it's the same, in what way could it have been prevented?

Even though we've talked in different articles about the differences between flu and colds , there's still some a lot of confusion between one and the other. In turn, let's add questions such as those raised in this game and we probably do not know the answer, although they are essential for our health:

  • Would you know what is the difference between dry and productive cough? Which of them should cut and/or respect?
  • When you have a hoarse or fatigued voice Would you know what infusion can calm the symptom?
  • What vitamins are those that can help you take care of the health of your throat?
  • Would you know how long the average incubation period for the flu lasts?
  • Despite what you may have heard in other areas, did you know that Is it recommended to avoid spicy foods and alcoholic beverages when there are symptoms of discomfort and pain in the throat?

It is very likely that some of these questions have raised you reflection, surprise or even having no idea . Therefore, we encourage you to try to participate in this Health Game that contains 4 different levels and you only have to select the answer (A or B) to the question emitted, being able to know the result quickly .

Do not think it is a game to not take it seriously because, as you will see, there is a maximum time to respond, a number of specific errors allowed and it is essential to overcome the level to move on to the next one. If you do not "approve" you will have the possibility of repeating the level, increasing the possibility of learning healthy habits by reviewing and putting to the test that knowledge has been strengthened.

This is an online game that you can access through the website , you only have to register (name, surname, zip code, email) to begin to put test your knowledge.

And, another great question, besides knowledge, you are going to win something plus? The truth is yes. Boiron has included different " Mini Healthy Rewards " for all those who participate in the game between the months of January to March. In this period of time, kits will be raffled with a range of personal care products: Euphralia box, 1 unit of Dapis Gel, 1 unit of Arnigel, 1 tube of the Homeodent toothpaste and 1 box of the Magnesium Duo food supplement.

As a final point, each month the participant will be rewarded with the most points obtained in the game with a " Healthy family life experience " in the mountains of Madrid for next April.