About Kanemaru Family Dental and Reviews

Welcome to Kanemaru Family Dental, a leading dental care practice in Wahiawa, Hawaii.

Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain a healthy, beautiful smile by providing you personalized and thorough treatment with state-of-the-art care.

Drs. Jared T. Kanemaru, Lester N. Kanemaru, Gordon M. Kanemaru and Jill E. Kanemaru-Hwang and their staff care about you and your dental needs. Highly educated, skilled and trained in several areas of dentistry, we work as a team to provide you with excellent comprehensive treatment.

We love to see you smile, and that is why we provide the latest in dental procedures and smile rejuvenation techniques, including:

White fillings
Chairside teeth whitening
Root Canals
Periodontal Evaluations
Digital radiographs
Laser Cavity Detection

"I like how friendly everyone is and how much information I get about my procedure. I also like that I'm an asked consistently how I feel and if I need anything to make me more comfortable. Thank you !" 
-C.D. Kahuku, HI

"When you walk in to the dentist office you can't help but smile :). The service that they provide is beyond excellent.I highly recommend this dentist office to anyone they are awesome."
-R.H Mililani, HI

"I love the entire office staff and appreciate the level of care, professionalism, and genuine positive attitude displayed by everyone. And, I appreciate the mirror and placement. All efforts on behalf of everyone there makes it a pleasure to have work done at your office." 
-C.T. Wahiawa, HI



Linda M.

Honestly, Doctor Gordon is my favorite dentist I've ever had. He truly explains everything to me, and my best course of action. I have been going here for over a year now, and I have not been disappointed.


Becka B.

My experience at Kanemaru Family Dental was nothing short of amazing! All of the staff are extremely friendly and helpful. I went in for 3 fillings and was amazed at how fast and efficient Dr. Jill and her assistant were able to complete them! I felt no pain and was extremely impressed at how quickly I was in and out of her chair! Definitely recommend them to anyone on island in need of dental treatments!


Mabani H.

So when I lived in Hawaii for 10 years I used to go here. Mainly because there weren't other options where I could go & get seen as well as my kids in the same place. It's crazy because I've always had good teeth until I came here. It seemed that I always had multiple cavities each visit. It got so expensive I honestly had to stop going. Fast forward 8 years, EVERY. SINGLE. FILLING I had done here is now falling apart. Pieces of my teeth around those fillings have broken off. To include an entire molar that they did a root canal on. I'm now having to spend more money to get these issues fixed that should have be fixed to avoid all of this. Find a better denstist. Hopefully by now on island there are better choices than this place.


Emily G.

I was referred here by a friend, and boy am I ever glad I was! Normally going to the dentist is something one dreads, but here you only dread it a little. Everyone at this office is super friendly, the receptionists, the hygienists, and the dentists themselves! They make you feel comfortable even with a dental mirror in your mouth. The hygienists even have tvs above their tables so you can watch tv while getting your teeth cleaned.What I liked most about this place was the service. Everyone there genuinely wants you to be as comfortable as possible. I have found my new dentist!


Tracey F.

I went in because I had a really bad toothache and was super nervous going into the dentist. I, like some others have a FEAR of the dentist, but i had a great experience here! They were very friendly from the moment I walked in, to when the hygienist took me to the back to the last moment of my appointment. Dr. Lester asked what my concerns were and addressed them to make me feel very comfortable. He never once made me feel bad about my teeth, (like my past dentists) he was very understanding to my emotional needs about the whole dentist visit. May was also very nice, she did a thorough job and never made me feel uncomfortable. I have found my new dentist and absolutely love it here!


Kaena G.

Going to the Dentist is my biggest fear but I think I found the right one for me and my family... Dr. Jill and her Assistant Serena took so very good care of me and and daughter She made sure that I was as pain free as possible and even got my mind off of what they were doing... I was so touched by the great care I was given... #foreverdentist #drjill


Wendy C.

Don't try to do excess dental procedures. Talked me through issues with me and my kids. Were able to save a tooth with a cracked filling and got my bite right the 1st time. Also work with me to schedule all four kids at same time. Love this dentist!!!!


Vianca L.

I was seen by Dr. Jill and her assistant Serena. Serena was super sweet and very thoughtful. She took x-rays really well and always checked to make sure I was comfortable. She even gave me a blanket because it was a little cold. Dr. Jill was great. I move pretty often so I've seen numerous dentists in my lifetime. I always either felt like most dentists are looking down on me or they hardly care. This was the first time I felt really comfortable with a dentist. Dr. Jill seemed to really want to educate me on my dental issues and proper habits. Both ladies even gave me tips for my two small children. They recommended an electric toothbrush and had me demo it BUT they didn't try to force me to buy it unlike other offices I've visited before. They even told me where I can probably get one for cheap. The wait time wasn't bad during this visit either. I filled out my paperwork at home and I was seen less than 10 minutes after I arrived. The people at the front desk were really nice as well. Overall it was an amazing first visit.


Kurtis N.

I am very lucky to have Dr. Jill as my dentist!  I just switched dentists and have been seen twice and both times was simply amazed by the cheerfulness of the entire staff.  The hygienists are proficient and engaging, Dr. Jill explains everything thoroughly and has great bedside manner and they are PROMPT.  At both visits I was brought in exactly on time, not a minute late.  I will no longer be dreading dentist appointments!  HIGHLY recommend


Miho C.

This is my first time coming for a check up and everybody is so friendly and the dentist is great for the first time, the dentist checked if I had any kind of cancer  I will definitely recommend this dentist to everybody looking for a dentist they take tricare MetLife


Shaun B.

Referred from the military dental. Couldn't be happier best customer service ive seen since being on island. The office is amazing the dentst that took care of me was extremely gentle and made me feel as comfertable as possible. Will be bring my family here to get there check up.


Ashley B.

I found my new dentist! First time coming on island and by far my fav place out of anywhere. No one likes going to the dentist but surprisingly I left one happy person. Their chairs were so comfortable and had a massage setting :) My dental hygienist was so sweet and the same for my dentist. I feel like I have a small family there so I highly suggest


Catherine B.

This office was all around awesome. The ladies at the front desk were friendly, as well as Dr. Lester and his assistant. My husband went for some work and tolde how great it was. We have found our new dentist until we relocate. I wish I had known of them when we moved to here 2 years ago. They recommend procedures, but definitely do not push it. If you're unsure what insurance covers, be sure to ask them to give you those details prior to walking back.  Dont take a "it should cover". If you don't ask for details, do not blame the staff. My 3 kids will be seeing them this week and I know they will do a great job making them feel as comfortable as they made me feel.


Bill B.

This review is related to their customer service.  I really like this practice and my family and I have been patients for about 14 years.  Based on the final straw with customer service, I have fired Dr. Jared and his practice as my family's dentist.  They like to schedule or try to talk you into unneeded procedures, such as panoramic x-rays, because I might be interested, redoing a restoration because there is some kind known divot in the back, telling my wife she might want this dental appliance to fill in a space or diastema in her lower jaw, etc.  it became somewhat if a joke within our family.  They scheduled the procedures without our approval.  I always thought that someone needed to make a boat payment or is going on vacation, so they would try to talk their patients into these procedures...maybe that is unfair, but that is what I thought.  There is also an issue related to I believe that I was double billed for a crown, but every time I tried to meet with the accountant, she would cancel.  I gave up.  Also, since when does the dentist want my refund check from the insurance company? The final straw was when I was told that they would waive a fee for appointment cancellation.  I wouldn't mind as that's the way it goes and I had an emergency meeting come up at work and I was trying to change the appointment in less than 24 hours.  However, I had to reschedule this appointment because of staff training, the doctor's vacation days, conferences, etc.  If I have to be flexible, why can't the doctor?  It's crazy crap and I don't feel customers should have to take this,I look forward to seeing my new dentist that seems to be focused on good dentistry and no add-on procedures that are not necessary.


Kehau S.

I have been a patient since 2000.  Love that this is an established family dental business.  The employees are top notch, patient and personable.  Dr. Gordon is great!  He will take the time to explain what your options are and is brutally honest.  I love that!  The fact that they will take the time to estimate your future dental procedures is wonderful.  Take care of your teeth!  Go see them & make an appointment NOW!  You will never regret this!


Darius C.

My wife Sandra is scared of the dentist and had not gone to one for the longest time. I was referred to Kanemaru Family Dental from work and quickly noticed how friendly, professional, and experienced the family owned business was. They made me feel comfortable and provided high quality service. I recommended this practice to my wife and she decided it was time to give a dentist a chance. Her first experience with Kanemaru was a total success. She could not stop talking about how friendly the staff was and the overall ambience of the office. Fast forward four months and she has had four appointments and is not afraid of the dentist anymore. She fell in love with the staff and jokingly said she would steal them and take them with us when we leave the island next month. I highly recommend Kanemaru Family Dental to anyone, you will not be disappointed. They will be truly missed. Thanks for everything Jill and staff!!! The Cooper's


Brandy W.

I previously had great experiences with Dr. Jared. Today was the baby's turn and his first dental appointment. His appointment was at 12, but we weren't called until 12:30. I was also told upon signing in Dr. Jared was not going to see us, a different doctor was. And by the way my husband and I could not go back together. We have four kids and never missed a first doctors appointment or first dental visit. By 12:30 the baby was fussy and ready to go any way. The staff offered no apologies, and my husband and I left. Within 5 minutes I had a new appointment at Dr. McGraw & Bellanca in Millilani and they WELCOMED both parents back for the appointment. I am transferring my whole family over. What a shame because Dr. Jared was truly a great dentist for my family.


Princess Darlling K.

When you go in for a cleaning only and then the assistant starts setting up the machines for an xray and says "This should be covered under your insurance" and you come out to the front desk with a bill over ? Pretty ridiculous when you're told one thing but it meant something else. Because yes, it was covered by my insurance, however, they actually meant it'd be "partially covered." Shouldn't I have been notified that I might have had to pay out of pocket for that procedure? What if I didn't want an xray? I don't care if your patient's health is your priority, you're basically choosing what to do with MY money. Not cool.


Shana W.

Everything about my experience with this clinic was amazing!! Their phone service is excellent. Every time I called them on the phone everyone was very friendly. I have a very limited schdeule and they were very accomidating and able to fit me in right away.Dr. Jill was extremy friendly and explained everything to me. Janet the DH also did a great job with my cleaning and made me feel at ease. Everyone at this clinic was just so inviting and friendly. I can't say that enough. Parking was easy and the building was easy to find.  Highly recommend them. I just wish I would have went sooner!


Sandeep A.

I went in on a military referral and Dr. Jared was extremely professional and very friendly. He walked me through the entire procedure and was thorough with each part of it. Of course, I'm coming from dealing with Army dentists, but still, I was very satisfied with the service and atmosphere at Kanemaru Family Dental.

About Kanemaru Family Dental and ReviewsAbout Kanemaru Family Dental and ReviewsAbout Kanemaru Family Dental and Reviews
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